Our Story

Desert Totes is a home-grown lifestyle brand, created with families in mind. From our family, to yours. As a busy parent, it was important for me to form a company which works in harmony with my family while delivering quality products to enhance yours.


Lovingly sourced from Morocco, Turkey and India, all of our products are handcrafted using traditional methods which have been passed down through the generations. As a result, when purchasing our one of a kind, environmentally friendly and authentic pieces, you are supporting these local communities.


Our unique products have been carefully selected to serve a purpose and slot into your life. Whether you are accessorizing your home, enjoying a family day at the beach, relaxing poolside or heading out for a little ‘me time’, Desert Totes is with you for every occasion.


Back to our first point of a harmonized work/life balance – not quite there yet but loving this journey!

Jody Batchelor


Originally from Australia, Jody moved over to Dubai from London 12 years ago. Previously she has spent over 20 years leading large teams of people in the Telecommunications industry. However, no less than two weeks after giving birth to her second child, Jody’s entrepreneurial spirit took over and what should have been a career break, resulted in the birth of Desert Totes! With a passion for quality, ethically sourced products, Jody’s mission is to create beautiful lifestyle products that not only bring joy to customers but also fairly support our talented craftsmen in Morocco, Turkey and the UAE.

Jasmine Jones

Digital Marketing Manager

With 8 years of experience in Digital Marketing and Social Media, Jasmine made the move to Dubai from the UK 2 years ago. After years of helping small brands and individuals to kick start their businesses, Jasmine found her fit here at Desert Totes. She too has a real entrepreneurial spirit and loves getting involved in all areas of the brand as we grow.